Talakaveri (Talacauvery) is 8 kms from Bhagamandala towards Brahmagiri Hill in Coorg, Karnataka. This is the birthplace of River Kaveri is known as Talakaveri and is situated amidst green hills.

Spring where river Kaveri originatesSpring where river Kaveri originates“Tula Sankramana” festival at this place is observed on 17th October every year. There are temples at Talakaveri of Agasthyeshwara and Lord Ganapathi.

The Brahmagiri Hill (not to be confused with Brahmagiri Range) is at the birthplace of Cauvery and is about 300-feet in height from the Talakaveri Temple.

It is believed that “Saptha Rishis” (Seven Saints) had gone for a penance here and got “Moksha” (Salvation). One can see Kudremukh, Chamundi Hills of Mysore and Wyanad Hills of Malabar and if there is a good clear weather. Also, we can have a clear view of Niligiri Hills and Arabian Sea from the peak of Brahmagiri Hill.

Tip: A walk up the Brahmagiri hills gives a breathtaking view of the hill-ranges and is excellent for photographsThe steps leading up to the hills is steep but is climbable. 

Private and government buses ply to this place frequently.