Sri Panchamukha Jaya Aanjeneyar Temple

Panchavadi is located on the Pondicherry-Tindivanam Road on the outskirts of Pondicherry .

Sri Panchamukha Jaya Aanjeneyar Temple, Panchavadi is run by Sri Jaya Maruthi Seva Trust. Sri Aanjaneyar ia depicted here as "Viswaroopam" with five faces viz., Anjaneyar, Narasimhar, Varahar, Hayagreevar and Garudar. The Garudar face is on the back side of the Viswaroopam.

The Anjaneya idol is carved out of a single boulder, weighing 150 tonnes, obtained from the hills of Pazhaiyaseevaram, seat of the beautiful Narasimha Temple and which is visited by Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram on the day following "Thai Pongal" as it was from here that the stone was obtained for carving out the centuries-old Varadaraja Moolavar idol in the Kanchipuram temple.

The actual height of the Anjaneya idol is 30 feet while the Peedam is six feet high and the Upapeedam has a height of three and a half feet. It has a girth of 15 feet and after installation the actual height of the idol touches 40 feet. A 64-feet high Vimanam is built over the sanctum sanctorum.

The Anjaneya idol has 10 hands with sword, shield, Suvadi or manuscript, Ankusam, Amrita Kalasam, mountain, plough, snake, tree and Kadvangam (the leg of a cot).

A three-foot long "Panchamukha Hanumath Yantram" is installed on the Peedam. The Yantram, incidentally was taken to many holy places, including Tirupati and Ahobilam. Angatha and Sugreeva are the Dwarapalakas.

Besides the main door there is a door at the rear to enable devotees to worship Garuda. Five Pradakshinams and five Namaskarams is the norm.

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