Shimoga Waterfalls

Jog Falls is the prime attraction in Shimoga district (It is the highest plunge waterfall in India). Shimoga is also is the location of the highest waterfall in India (around 1500 feet), located near Agumbe.

 The other important waterfall locations here are the Barkana falls, Achakanya fall,Vanake falls, Dabbe falls and Hidlamane falls.

Jog Falls 

This is the 11th highest waterfall in India and the India's highest plunge waterfall.  

Jog Falls
(Jog Falls in full flow)

The cascade is 253 meters. The River Sharavathi falls into a deep gorge in four distinct flows of water which are termed as Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket.

Jog Falls lies in Sagar Taluk and is 30 km. from the town of Sagar. The best time to visit these falls is soon after the monsoon during July-August. Nearby is the Linganamakki Reservoir.

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls has a height of 455 meters (around 1500 feet).  Kunchikal Falls is the highest waterfall in India.  

This waterfall is located near Agumbe and is formed by the Varah River.

There is a Hydro-electric power station.

Barkana Falls

Barkana falls seen at a distance
(Barka Falls seen from a distance)

Located near Agumbe and 80 kms from Thirthahalli town, Barkana Falls is the 10th highest waterfall in India.

Achakanya Falls

This is near a place called Aralsuruli, 10 km from the town of Thirthahalli on the way to Hosanagara. This is also formed by the Sharavathi River.

Vanake-Abbey Falls

In the heart of Malnad forests, this waterfall is located about 4 kms from Agumbe.

Hidlamane Falls

A significant amount of trekking takes one to these falls located near Nittur in Hosanagara Taluk.

Dabbe Falls

This waterfall is located near a place called Hosagadde in Sagar taluk. On the road from Sagar to Bhatkal, Hosagadde lies at a distance of about 20 km from the town of Kargal. You need to trek about 6 to 8 kms into the forest before you reach the fall.  

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