Bidar Sightseeing

Bidar Sightseeing - What are the major tourist attractions in Bidar?

Bidar is an important historical town. A number of historical monuments dating back to 15th century can be found here. These monuments reflect the glory of the Bahamani rulers.

Apart from history, the cool and refreshing environment of Bidar attracts travelers. The 15th century fort that still encircles the town gives Bidar its old charm.

The cannons, palaces in ruins, the magnificent tombs of the Bahamani and Barid kings and the massive monuments, all combine to make a visit to the one-time capital of the Bahamani and Barid Shahi Dynasties, truly nostalgic and memorable. It is a quiet place and not on most tourist itineraries. 

Major Places to see in Bidar

The most convenient way to begin your sightseeing is from the Bidar Fort. Bidar Fort has five darwazas (gates) with imposing bastions lead into a little town nestling within the ramparts. Ahmad Wali Shah built this fort and the well laid out gardens and other monuments within it, in 1429.

Bahamani Tombs at Ashtur

After the Fort tour, you can now move on to the Bahamani Tombs at Ashtur.

The interiors of the tombs are adorned with well-preserved paintings that are excellent examples of medieval Muslim art. The outer walls are decorated with tile mosaic art. (photo credit - deepsan)


Right in the heart Bidar town stands the Chaubaara a 71 foot tower. From the top of the Chaubaara, you can have a splendid view of Bidar.

The Madrassa of Mahamud Gawan

This is another important building in Bidar. Architecturally similar to the Madrasa at Fez, this educational institution was once a renowned centre of learning, attracting scholars from all over the Islamic world.

Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, which is in ruins now, still retains colorful remains of Islamic mosaic work on its walls.

Blue-glazed tiles and Quranic verses carved on the walls in stylish calligraphic style point to the erstwhile splendor of this institution. (photo: mahabal)

Gurudwara and Nanak Zara

These are the famous and the largest Sikh temple at least in Karnataka. It is believed that Guru Nanak - the first guru of the Sikhs visited this place and got rid of the scarcity of drinking water in the region.

A popular spot in the Gurudwara is the Guru Nanak Jheera, where fresh crystal clear spring water appears from nowhere.

The rock temple at Narasimha Zara - is also worth a visit. Situated in a big cave, the temple is carved into the plateau.

(Photo - smreddy)

To approach the deity, you'll have to wade through water for at least a furlong inside a cave with waist deep water to seek the a view of Lord Narasimha. These structures, though slightly scattered and isolated, are really captivating

Papanaashi is a temple of Lord Shiva. It is said that one can see snakes guarding the idol especially during Shivarathri festival (celebrated sometime around February).

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