Festivals in Bangalore

Bangalore has many local festivals and cultural events all year long. However a few of them are prominent and show the culture of this city. Some important local festivals of Bangalore include the Bengaluru Habba, Karaga Festival, Kadalekayi Parishe and the Ulsoor Palakki. Read on to know more about these:

Bengaluru Habba

icThe word,'Habba' in Kannada, means 'Festival'.  The State Government has introduced the festival as an annual cultural and sports event lasting 10 days.   Bangalore Habba is normally celebrated during Nclassical music concert at bangalore habbaovember-December since the last 5 years.  Over 2750 artistes from Karnataka and 250 artistes from across India participate in Bangalore Habba.

The spirit of the Habba also spreads across several towns in Karnataka such as Dharwad, Chikamagalur, Mangalore, Tumkur and Mandya to create awareness about different performing arts and share euphoric experience of the Habba with people living outside Bangalore.

Golf and swimming has been added from Habba 2007. The Habba serves as a platform to highlight all forms of art from Hindustani Classical Music to Jazz. Best children from government schools, trained in dance, will be given a chance to perform on stage. Each day children participate in dance workshops from 9 am to 4 pm.

The other events include music, dance, film panorama, street theatre, adventure sports, tennis ball cricket tournament, pulling race, vintage car rally. Apart from art, the Habba has food courts, shopping and also film elements. Street plays are held at more than 75 locations in Bangalore. It is a free event for the citizens of Bangalore and tourists alike. Come, let's celebrate the spirit of Bangalore!

Bangalore Karaga Festival

man carrying the karaga during the festivalThe Karaga in March-April is a unique local event held at the Dharmaraya Temple.  

During the Karaga festival, a chariot of the Dharmaraya Swamy is also taken around the City Market area.  The Karaga is carried by a selected male of the Tigala Community.  He has to be in Vratha or penance for about 48 days before he bears the Karaga. 

The Karaga starts around midnight during the Hindu day of Chaitra Poornima (sometime in April) and continues unto early morning before returning to the temple. 

The bearer is dressed in a saree, the style of Goddess Draupadi and carries lemon on one hand and a sword on the other and walks the streets with a dance accompanied by drum beats. 

Ulsoor (now Halasur) Car Festival takes place on the same night at Someshwara Temple, Ulsoor.


Kadalekayi Parishe

Local farmers hold this Ground-Nut fair during the auspicious Monday of Hindu calendar month of Shravana (sometime around Sept-Oct) every year at the Bull Temple

Ulsoor Pallaki

flower chariot in UlsoorThe Ulsoor Pallaki or Floral Float festival is held at Ulsoor (now renamed as Halasur), a week after the Karaga Festival during the Hindu month of Chaitra (around April). 

Several (about 108) beautifully florally decorated Floats or Pallaki are taken around the area.  The parade starts around 10 pm in the night and continues unto early morning. Know more about Ulsoor lake and other attractions


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