Around Bidar attractions

What are the interesting places to see around Bidar?

Few places of tourist interest around Bidar include Basvakalyan, the capital city of the latter Chalukyas in the 10th century, is 80 km from Bidar, while Humnabad, 52 km from Bidar, is a famous pilgrim center and attracts thousands of devotees annually during the Jatra.

Near Bidar is the town of Gulbarga (now known as Kalburgi), which was the Bahamani capital before the honour shifted to Bidar. The old fort at Gulbarga still stands, as do some beautiful mausoleums and mosques.

Basavakalyan - Home to Karnataka's reformist saints

Basavakalyan is a town in Bidar District of Karnataka. Known historically as Kalyan, it was the capital of the Western Chalukya dynasty from 1050 to 1195. Prior to this Manyakheta was their capital.

Before India's independence its name was Kalyan. After independence, Kalyan was renamed as Basavakalyana in memory of Vishwaguru Basavanna. St.Basavanna was a great revolutionary who established spiritual democracy called "Anubhava Mantapa" in 12th Century in India.

Anubhava Mantapa is also believed to be the first parliament of the world was presided over by Saint Allamprabhu. The congregation gave practical solutions to all kind of problems mankind was facing at that time. The teachings of St. Basavanna are highly revered.

Basavanna's main aim was to establish a society where there is dignity of labour, spirituality, creativity, free thinking, no caste & no creed. Many great contemporaries joined him in the great religious revolution. Marula Shankara from Gandhahar in Afghanistan, King Mahadeva Raya (Molige Marayya) from Kashmir, Sugnana Deva from Orissa, Allama Prabhu from Banavasi, Siddharama from Sholapur, Akka Mahadevi from Shivamogga etc., are some them. Basavakalyan became famous as a centre of wealth and prosperity, a seat of learning an abode of spiritual wisdom.

Even today, Basavakalyan is remembered for the saints who made this city their home - Basaveshwara, Akkamahadevi, Channabasavanna and Siddharama. Temples and Matas, Mosques and Dargahs, and a Fort constructed by the Chalukyas of Kalyana beckon the tourist at Basavakalyan.

How to reach there: Basavakalayan is about 70 Kms from Bidar. Government buses ply from Bidar to Basava Kalyan regularly. There are a few eateries here if you want to grab a quick snack.